Pino Carbone

Organization: BodyCode System

Position: Creator and Founder

Affiliation with organization: 2019 – Present

Years active at YAGP: 1996 – Present

Pino Carbone was the pioneer who introduced this technique in Europe in the 80’s, founding in 1988 the now historic Center Il Vortice in Florence (, today the oldest center of Gyrotonic running in the world and headquarters of the BodyCode System®.

Former professional dancer in several companies including: Aurinko Ballet Finland, Finnish National Ballet, Contemporary Dance Company of Hong Kong, GHO Ballet Canada, Ballet Hispanico of New York USA, Balletto di Venezia, dancing the classical, contemporary and modern repertoire, during the years he has created several recognized choreographies, such as “Spoiled circle” for the Riverside Dance Festival in NY City and reviewed by the New York Times in the 80’s.

In 1996 he founded in Florence a Professional Training School of the BodyCode System, with the aim of teaching the correct use of the equipment he invented and his training philosophy, aimed to create a new generation of therapists and trainers. In nearly three decades of work, the validity of its principles has been recognized also by doctors, and internationally renowned specialists such as Dr. Jürgen Toft, with whom he has collaborated for many years. The methodology of his work was particularly effective in cases of post-operative or traumatic functional recovery and in cases of paraplegics, spastic, neurologically and chronic depression. Since 1988 the Studio Il Vortice (his headquarters) offers in Florence assistance to both the amateur and professional dancers and to more sedentary people who want to improve the physical condition and regain a sense of well-being.

In May 2016 Pino Carbone receives from the President of the Cultural Commission of the City of Florence the International Prize for Dance “Willy Dal Canto” at the Teatro Verdi in Florence.

Since the academic year 2016/2017 Pino Carbone is officially appointed professor in the Faculty of Physical Science at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”.