The Joffrey Ballet Covid-19 Guide:

The Joffrey Ballet is currently only permitting fully vaccinated individuals (as outlined by the CDC) to participate in external auditions and events.

All persons entering the building must provide proof of vaccination to officials and wear a well-fitted face covering over the nose and mouth at all times while in the facility.

Attendees may be asked to wait outside until the beginning of the registration period.


  1. Everyone over the age of 5 will need a vaccine or negative covid test check – including all YAGP and DUPAC staff. Once vaccines are checked everyone will be given a wrist band for the whole weekend so that we know they have already been checked. Guests should leave their wrist band on for the entire weekend. For dancers we will stamp their hands with black light stamps that will be checked every day. No one will be admitted without a wristband or stamp.
    We will provide 3 staff for vaccine check and stamp check to help manage vaccine check, wrist bands and dancer stamp check.
  2. Masks must inside the building.
  3. Dancers can perform with no mask.