Registration for the 2018-19 season opens on July 1, 2018. You can register both solos and ensembles online at our website. Please check the YAGP Rules and Regulations for valuable information and instructions on how to register.
YAGP will close registration if/when we reach our maximum capacity. Capacity is based on competition runtime for each venue. It is NOT based on number of entries. We highly encourage all students, parents, and teachers to register as soon as possible to ensure your attendance at the venue of your choice.
In order to reserve space at any location, YAGP must receive the registration fee deposit of $95 per dancer, per location. The full fee must be paid no later than 60 days before the competition date. The final competition schedule will only include participants who have paid their balance completely. Please check out rules and regulations for more information: LINK
We highly recommend registering for a Semi-Final city that is still open. If this is the only Semi-Final city you are able to attend, you may register for our Waitlist following the instructions below.

1. Log in or create an account through DanceComp Genie 2. Select ‘Add New Registration’ 3. The first page you will see is the ‘Who and Where’, and under ‘Location’ please scroll down to and select ‘Wait List City’ from the drop down menu. Do not select simply ‘City,’ or it will not allow you to complete the registration. 4. Continue through the registration until you have entered all of your entries, then click ‘Save’ 5. Finally, a waiver will be sent to the email address you provided for your dancer(s), if you have not already completed this step. Waivers should be completed as soon as you register for the waiting list, or we will not be able to move your dancer into the competition if space becomes available.

Please note: The Waitlist operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, and entries are only moved from the Waitlist to a confirmed registration list when and if space becomes available as a result of cancellation by another registrant, or due to additional competition time becoming available in the venue. If and when space becomes available, you will receive an email confirmation of your participation in the semi-final, at that point, payment will be due.

If you do not receive the waiver form within 24 hours of submitting your registration, please double check the email that you provided and resend yourself the waiver by following the instructions in this video: LINK. If you are still having an issue, please contact the YAGP Regional Registration office.
A participant’s age for the YAGP 2019 season is determined strictly as of January 1, 2019.
No! You do not have to perform a solo in both categories in order to participate at a YAGP Regional Semi-Final Event. Please note, that Juniors and Seniors must perform a Classical solo to be eligible to pass to Finals. If a Junior or Senior participant has passed to the Finals, they will be required to perform both a Classical and a Contemporary Solo in New York City.
Although we cannot make any guarantees, we will do our very best to accommodate any specific schedule requests. What you will need to do is to add this into the ‘Notes’ section of your registration. This can be done when you initially register or when changes are made to your registration.
Depending on the type of your registration there are 2 scenarios:

– If you are registered by your school, you cannot change your studio name; – If you are registered as an individual dancer, you can change your studio name – please use the instructions under the following LINK: – If you are registered as an independent dancer, you can change your studio name – please use the instructions under the following LINK:

The Master Classes are a unique opportunity YAGP provides its participants with, and it is a complementary feature for all YAGP participants at each venue. Students will take approximately 3 classes taught by the Jury Panel, who saw/will see them perform during the competition weekend, but attendance is not mandatory. If you are interested in You may participate in the master classes without competing by registering as ‘Workshop Only’
Depending on the type of your registration there are 2 scenarios:

– If you have been registered by your school, only the school will be able to introduce changes by logging into their account – If you have been registered as an individual/independent dancer, please log into your account to introduce corrections and follow the instructions in the video: individual dancer LINK, independent dancer LINK – PLEASE NOTE: you will not be able to edit information once a city has closed. You will be contacted once the system has been re-opened for updates.





In order to reserve space at any location, we require the registration fee deposit of $95 per dancer, per location. Please be aware this fee includes $50 non-refundable processing fees. The remaining balance is due no later than 60 days prior to the competition date. If your account is not paid in full in 60 days before the competition date, your registration will be removed.
For more information in regards to our Refund Policy, please refer to our Rules and Regulations: LINK
Please mail checks to the following address:

Youth America Grand Prix 121 West 36th St. Suite 309 New York, NY 10018

PLEASE NOTE: The check or money order must be drawn on a bank or other financial institution located in the United States and must be payable in U.S. Currency





Yes! Tickets are free for anyone 21 years or younger, or $10 cash or check (we Do Not accept credit cards) at the door for adults over 21 for the entire competition. These tickets may be purchased anytime during the weekend and you may come and go as you please. Please note that this ticket does not admit you to watch the Master Classes. Master Classes are only open to students and teachers. Please also note that ticket cost at the Galas during the Tampa Regional and NY Finals may differ due to box office pricing.
VAM Productions has made it possible for your family and friends not attending the competition in person to watch your performance online. Live-streaming may be found on our website during the competition season. YAGP is not responsible for the live-streaming of the event; with any questions and inquiries, please email VAM Productions at
If you can’t pick up your scores at that time, please delegate score sheets pick up to a trusted representative by giving them the badge of a participant/teacher and YAGP will hand them the scores. Please note that we are not responsible for the score sheets after they have been picked up.
YAGP Workshops, held around the world (eg. Australia, Peru, Indonesia), are run like a scholarship class. Students will be placed into classes based on their ages and our jury panel and/or representatives will observe. Students will learn a variation during one of the classes, no costumes will be necessary. This is a time for the scholarship presenters and YAGP representatives to observe how students pick up and apply new information and corrections.





No costume is required. The YAGP Jury Panel does not deduct points for competing in basic dance clothing.
The safety of our participants is our main priority, therefore, participants aged 10 and under are strongly discouraged from performing en pointe at our Regional Semi-Final events. For any younger participants performing en pointe, it is up to the judge’s discretion if this affects their score. Participants aged 10 and under invited to the New York Finals are PROHIBITED from performing en pointe.
Eligibility for the New York Finals is not contingent on a participant’s score. Rather, dancers will be eligible for participation in the Final if they receive an invitation from YAGP following a recommendation from the panel of judges, after the Regional Semi-Final event in which they took part. All invitations will be sent out during the week following the individual Semi-Final event.
The week following the YAGP Semi-Final you attended, participants who have passed to our New York Finals will receive an email with information on New York City Finals and a deadline to which they must accept or decline this invitation.
We prefer that all students be in the backstage area at least 30 minutes before the Awards Ceremony begins for organizational purposes during Regional events and 1 hour before the New York Finals. If there is a change in the time of the Awards Ceremony, you will be notified via Social Media





Each season YAGP participants have a chance to participate in Grishko Model Search, where the winner will have a photo shoot and will appear in GRISHKO ads and publications nationwide. For more information about entering the competition, please visit: LINK