Hanako Matsune  
Organization: Finnish National Ballet (Finland)

Position: Soloist

Years: 2017

Awards: Youth America Grand Prix silver medal 2004, Youth America Grand Prix Finals Grand Prix Award 2005, Fukuoka Ballet Competition silver medal 2007

Contact: Instagram


Training: The Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands, The Hague 2007-2008; Ballet of the Soul, Osaka 2003-2007 The Paris Opera Ballet School 2005 Sadamatsu Hamada Ballet School, Kobe 1995-2003

Mortgages: K-Ballet, Tokyo 2008-2012, first dancer 2009-2012; Finnish National Ballet 2013, Youth Group 2013-14, soloist dancer 2017-; Visits: National Ballet Visits Ballet All Stars in Oulu 2015, Copenhagen 2017, Tokyo and Osaka 2017.

Additional Information: Fukuoka Ballet Competition 2007, silver medal; YAGP Ballet Competition, New York 2005, junior series Grand Prix; YAGP Ballet Competition, Japan 2004, silver medal