We are pleased to provide this library of classical variation music for your convenience. All tracks are approved for use at YAGP events and meet certain music copyright regulations and criteria necessary for live-streaming and usage on social media platforms.
It is recommended, though not required, that participants obtain their Classical Solo music from this library for the YAGP 2022 Season. This policy will become mandatory starting from the YAGP 2023 Season, at which time a complete music library of high-quality tracks will be available for all variations from the YAGP approved repertoire list.
Please click the link below to hear and download the tracks. Please note that in many cases, there are multiple versions available for each variation, and that any of the tracks may be adjusted for tempo changes or cut if the dancer is performing a shorter version.
For further questions or to inquire about music for variations from the approved repertoire list that are not currently available in the library, please email music@yagp.org.
YAGP Music Library