We are pleased to offer high resolution photo and video packages from the YAGP 2022 Season Semi-Finals.

Pre-orders are highly encouraged, though orders may also be placed at the venues. Onsite photo previews are also available during the semi-finals.

Please follow the links below to contact the media companies directly and place your orders. All questions should be directed to the respective company for each location.

For participants attending semi-finals in Philadelphia (October), San Diego (November), Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago (February), New York, Kansas City, San Diego (February), Indianapolis, Houston, Toronto, and San Diego (March):

LK Studio
CONTACT: info@thelkstudio.com
PRE-ORDERS: https://www.thelkstudio.com/yagp/

For participants attending semi-finals in Austin, Tampa, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Boston (Worcester), Winston-Salem, Denver, Philadelphia (March), Orlando, and Chicago (March):

Star Action Shots
CONTACT: info@staractionshots.com
WEBSITE: https://www.staractionshots.com/