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YAGP 2018: Gala Stars Shine

Like The Final Round, this year’s YAGP Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow Gala went off very smoothly, but for one hitch that was not YAGP’s doing. Indeed, at least in terms of organization, this year’s incarnation was superior to those I’ve previously seen.

Having the Grand Defile moved to the end of the program was a definite improvement, and the introductions, including the introductory titles, for each of the individual performances were fun to watch. Keeping the music, as fine as it was, confined to the stage right apron (with one exception) was also a good idea. Except for one or two unexplained sound delays during certain pas de deux, it all ran like a Swiss watch. And, possibly to accommodate a post-Gala Gala Reception on the DHK Theater Promenade (to my recollection, the first time it’s been held at that place and time), the evening’s roughly 2 ½ hour program was presented with no intermission. That was a benefit as well – but next year it should be announced in advance. All in all, it was a highly entertaining evening.
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